Build long-term relationships.

I believe that a satisfied customer is the ONLY kind of customer!

I am not here to “churn ‘em and burn ‘em”. I want my customers to become long-term clients.

I offer quality web sites at affordable rates to fit your budget.

It’s your web site, you tell me what you want and I will work with you to make it happen.

From start to finish you can watch your site as a work in progress live on the Internet as a demo site that only you can view. When you are satisfied then we will launch your site for all the world to see.

About Web Design 4 Him

Mike Marinaro - WebDesign4HimHi, I’m Mike Marinaro and I started designing web sites back in 1998. First it was just a hobby, then I designed a site for the church I was attending and the word started to spread. Before long other churches and Christian organizations were asking me to help them with their web sites and Web Design 4 Him was born! I continued to do this on the side as I worked full-time as an administrative assistant.

My skills improved and flowed over into the work place. Soon I was designing  web sites for my job. I found that I also had a knack for graphic design and newsletter layout and design. I created a monthly employee newsletter at work and then took that to the next level and started designing email newsletters for my web site clients.




When the company I was working for had a nationwide layoff, I found myself unemployed. That was in August 2008. This gave me the opportunity to concentrate on my web design work and I expanded my business to the point where I could stay at home and work full-time designing web sites. My getting laid off turned out to be a blessing in disguise!

The name Web Design 4 Him came about because, in the beginning, I was mainly designing web sites for churches and Christian organizations. The intent was to spread the Word of God via the Internet; therefore, everything was done 4 Him.

I will not work with anyone who has pornographic or questionable material on their sites. This is a business; but I am a Christian first and foremost and these sites are still designed with that in mind.






I Don’t Do Meetings!

I have been doing business online since 1998 with no problems. I am no longer able to drive so I have found the fastest and easiest way to do business is via the Internet and the telephone.

You send me an email with the info you want on your web site and let me work my magic!

I don’t do meetings unless absolutely necessary and then you will have to come to me since I don’t drive.

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